Harvesting Success

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rice fields

I am feeling blessed to be able to take some time out with my family this month and visit Vietnam.


As I take some time to relax and soak in the sights of this wonderful country I have become aware that most people here are very much focused on their life’s work. Non more so than the women who tend their crops in the rice fields.


From early morning to late at night  their bodies can be seen bent  over in daily task performing their gruelling work.


There are many things that we can learn from they way they their lives:


No matter what the day brings ; blazing sun or torrential rains we must care for what is most important to us.

Creating resilience within  and weathering the storms that life may bring us is vital if we want to succeed in our goals.

For something to flourish it can often take back breaking work before we see the fruits of our labour.


Unwanted pests can destroy the crop, it is vital to remove the negative influences that can destroy our goals.


The most fruitful padi field is the one that is tended day in day out with loving care and attention. Focusing on our goal and taking steps every day to ensure success will harvest reward.


For these women life in this paradise means hard, back breaking, never ending work. Their dedication and commitment is truly inspirational.


Are you prepared to give the time, effort  and hard work required to create your success?









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