aboutMarieMy name is Marie Quigley, CPCC, MCC. It is my mission to inspire and empower people to take the goldenleap and live the life that they desire.

I am a Co- Active life and executive coach, speaker, writer and workshop facilitator. I am a graduate from the Coaches Training Institute and I am an active member of the International Coaches Federation. I am passionate about the work I do. I have helped hundreds of people connect to their true essence and empowered them to take the leap and create the changes that lead to happier more fulfilling lives, careers and businesses.
I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. I have moved from being at the lowest point in my life and believing ‘I cannot’ to living and breathing ‘I can’. I have let go of years of holding on to the limiting belief of “never enough” to truly believing in abundance. My financial state has gone from losing everything to earning more than I have ever earned before. I have gone from wishing I had the life of my dreams to living the life of my dreams.

I have shifted from listening to my saboteurs shouting that “I am not capable” to believing “I am enough!” I have let go of the limiting beliefs that kept me stuck and living small and leapt into creating a successful coaching business, writing, speaking and delivering workshops and coach training to hundreds of people. I have taken my desire to make a difference in people’s lives with me as I have lived in different countries around the globe and I have brought my existing clients with me and continue to gather hundreds of new followers along the way.
From the moment I connected to my goldenplace, my true essence, things changed for me. I began to trust myself like never before. I started to leap and I discovered it wasn’t as scary as I had made up in my mind. I became open to the need to be vulnerable and get out there and walk my talk.

I have gone from thinking small to living big. Through all this I have created a balance in my life that works for me, my 3 children and my husband.

I believe everyone can create the life they want. It is my mission to give men and woman the tools and new awareness to go out and make the difference they are dying to make.
I am a simple woman who has turned her dreams into reality. I have taken my passion and turned it into a highly profitable, portable business, that can move with me where ever I am in the world.

I love my husband and my 3 children. I miss my family who are hundreds of miles away.

I love my life of travel and adventure. I have wonderful friends all over the world some of whom I consider as close as family. I love beautiful things. I need sunshine in my life. I am filled with awe at the amazing possibilities out there for me and everyone else.

I am connected to my true essence. I have a need to share what I know. I love to dance. I have a passion for learning and…. last but not least I have a weakness for dark chocolate!