A program for daring leaders and daring teams


Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator – Marie Quigley MCCMQ

ICF Master Certified Coach, Professional Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC), ICF Mentor Coach, Coach Super-Visor, ICF Approved Coach Trainer, NLP practitioner, Certified Daring Way™ and Certified Dare to Lead ™ facilitator, Certified Conversational Intelligence Practitioner™ and extendedDISC facilitator with over 25 years of international training experience.

Marie is the first Certified Daring Way ™ and Certified Dare to lead ™ Facilitator in the Middle East region and has been offering leadership training for individuals and organizations based on the research of
ss sssssssssssssDr. Brené Brown since 2014.

About The Dare To Lead Program

Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead is an empirically based courage-building program designed to be facilitated by organizational development professionals.

Brené is a research professor at the University of Houston where she holds the Huffington Foundation – Brené Brown Endowed Chair at The Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy, and most recently completed a seven-year study on courageous leadership. She is the author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers: The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, Braving the Wilderness, and Dare to Lead, which also debuted at #1 on The Wall Street Journal and Publisher’s Weekly list.

The most significant finding from Brené’s latest research is that courage is a collection of four skill sets that are teachable, measurable, and observable. Certified Dare to Lead Facilitators focus on developing these courage-building skills through workshops, trainings and coaching to help individuals, teams and organizations move from armored leadership to daring leadership.

Upon completion of the  full training  (minimum 16 hours) and  reading Brené’s book Dare To lead, Marie Quigley CDTLF, can also provide certificates for participants confirming they are Dare  to Lead Trained along with a Dare to Lead linked in badge.

Further information is available at https://daretolead.brenebrown.com

Objectives of the full program

The objectives of this minimum 16 hour program is for participants to walk away with the knowledge understanding and practice of the four main skills sets of courageous leadership; Understanding the power of vulnerability, living into your values, BRAVING trust and Learning to rise skills. These four skill sets are teachable, measurable and observable and based on years or research on courageous leaders


  • We believe in leadership at every level. Leadership is not about titles or the corner office. It’s about the willingness to step up, put yourself out there, and lean into courage.
  • We define a leader as anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential.
  • The skill sets that make up courage are not new—they’ve been aspirational leadership skills for as long as there have been leaders. We just haven’t had the courage for real talk about courage. But it’s time.
  • Daring leaders know how to have hard conversations, hold themselves and others accountable, lead with empathy and connection, take smart risks that lead to innovation, build trust, reset quickly after disappointments and setbacks, and give and receive feedback – even when it’s tough. Especially when it’s tough.
  • This an empirically-based courage building program.
  • Research findings that support Dare to Lead are a combination of 20 years of research on courage, vulnerability, empathy, and shame, and 7 years of researching leadership including interviews with 150 leaders across disciplines from special forces military to Pixar, from Oil and Gas in Asia to nonprofits in Europe, and data collected from instrument development with MBA and eMBA students at Wharton, Kellogg, and the Jones School at Rice.
  • Courage is a collection of four teachable, observable, and measurable skills sets:

1.  Rumbling with Vulnerability: Facing risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure with courage and clarity.
2.  Living into our Values: Identifying, operationalizing, and practicing the beliefs that we hold most important.
3.  Braving Trust: Creating or deepening connections in relationships and teams based on the seven elements of trust.
4.  Learning to Rise: Learning and growing from the failures, setbacks, and disappointments that are inevitable when we are brave with our lives.

  • The greatest barrier to daring leadership is not fear; the greatest obstacle is armour we wear and how we self protect using armour when we feel uncertain
  • As Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator I teach others the skills necessary for moving from armoured leadership to daring leadership. Examples include
    • Moving from avoiding tough conversations to straight talk and taking action.
    • Moving from perfectionism and fear of failure to modelling and encouraging striving for excellence, empathy, and self-compassion
    • Moving from leading for compliance and control to cultivating commitment and shared purpose.
    • Moving from echo chambers and in/out groups to cultivating a culture of belonging, inclusivity, and diverse perspectives.
    • Moving from putting value on being a knower and being right to valuing being a learner and getting it right.

Full workshop overview

The program is extremely interactive with the use of individual, pair and group work. Dr. Brené Brown will be part of the training as I use pre-recorded videos of her sharing her research and experience with the work throughout the six days.

  • Brave Leaders and Courage Cultures
  • The heart of daring leadership
  • Exploring vulnerability
  • The myths of vulnerability
  • The Arena’s in our work
  • How shame shows up in organizations
  • Moving from armoured leadership to Daring leadership
  • Living into our Values
  • Engaged feedback
  • Living BIG
  • BRAVING Trust
  • BRAVING skills
  • Learning to Rise

The Dare to Lead ™ training can be delivered in full or in parts according to the organizations and or team’s requirement.

Dare to Lead ™ Training Testimonials

A phenomenal workshop. Emotionally honest and brave . A genuine opportunity and invitation to breathe deeply and grow bravely. Thank you for all the subtle and explicit ways that you held space for us to communicate, react, be and settle into the flow while being with each other. Thank you Marie Quigley and Dr. Brené Brown
Hulda Armine

Marie is an excellent person to talk about vulnerability, empathy and trust as she is very true to herself. There are no masks whatsoever in whatever she does. I learn from her day in day out. I have lots of take away’s from the Dare to Lead training programme.
Faten El Ayache

I appreciate your vulnerability over the two days of training and your warm welcome provided me with so much strength. Your knowledge of the content of the Dare to Lead content is phenomenal but what I valued more on top of that is what you shared from your life/work  experiences and personal stories that added so much value to the training and gave it a real connect to life and work.
May Steitieh 

Incredibly transformative work, if you choose to step up  and put it into action  in your life. What was especially inspiring is to experience such courage and vulnerability as a collective team; meaning we are not alone. And that creates a magical feeling in the room where everyone finds the courage within them to join the arena. Thank you once again for choosing to do this work in Qatar.
Sarah Abu-Zant

The Daring Way ™ Workshop Testimonials

Thank you Marie and to the wonderful participants in the Daring Way ™ program. The vulnerable stories and powerful exercises helped me to understand how being human, means to embrace the joy and those moments that may be shameful, painful or scary. To treat myself with kindness and empathy as I step into my courage, to be my true imperfect self and create the life I want. The awareness is just starting to unfold and I feel like there is so much space that was never there before! I am so grateful to you Marie for facilitating this workshop, sharing what you have learnt and lived to support me to know that I am enough! I feel on purpose!’
Melissa Loizou

The Daring Way – A rare and valuable approach that opened my thinking and feeling towards myself. Thank you, I deeply appreciate you and what you are spreading’
Marie Antoinette Attiyeh

‘Doing this workshop is like stepping out of the woods and into the sunshine. At first it is blinding but as I adjusted and walked with Marie down the path of vulnerability into the arena of life, I understood finally what it is like to truly feel like I am living, feeling and being. This course opens up a whole gamut of awareness and emotions that will enhance and colour your life, hopefully forever. I am grateful and I am empowered’
Ren Wlasiuk

“Thank you Marie, for sharing your learning’s on “The Daring Way”. I went into this workshop with the intention of learning how to support my clients further but came out of it with so much awareness about myself and what it really means to be Courageous and Vulnerable.  Marie tackles heavy topics such as Shame and Guilt effortlessly, brings in relevant exercises to truly anchor the learnings and ensures that everyone participates and is heard. The workshop is structured in a way that you learn as much from the participants than you do from the program itself and there is such power being in being in a room with other like minded people who have a made a commitment to live their best life. This has been enlightening and I am ready for my arena.  I eagerly await part two!”
Yasmeen Hussain

 “What an amazing, and cleverly put together workshop! All learned on the first day came nicely together on the second day, and much more than that! It opened up a whole new world to me and the way I now look at the emotion of shame and how this is linked with my values. Thank you so much Marie, for finally being able to put my finger on things which I were not able to do so before your workshop. You’re an amazing woman, walking alongside me on my journey of self-discovery!”
Elsbeth Blekkenhorst

If there is an opportunity to take this Daring Greatly workshop then I highly recommend grasping it with two hands. Marie’s delivery of Brené Brown’s work on tough topic’s around shame, vulnerability, perfectionism and empathy was stretching, full of learning, fun and powerful. This was achieved with a perfect blend of Marie’s insight, knowledge and support, Brene’s research and video’s to reinforce this and compelling, creative exercises. I realise now that it’s taken my personal growth to new levels of understanding and why I choose to live in alignment with my values. It cemented so many cracks in my deeper level of understanding about myself. When I step up, show up, and have the courage to be vulnerable I feel alive!
Clare Hadley