NLP Training in Doha with Sue Knight

Empower World is delighted to announce upcoming NLP Business Practitioner Training in Doha, Qatar with the inspiring Sue Knight, author of best selling book NLP at Work, which describes how to apply these powerful behavioural change techniques in a practical and effective way. Sue delivers her programmes in the UK, France, India, Australia and now in Doha.

What is NLP?

Sue Knight says, “Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) is the study of excellence. It is an attitude of learning, curiosity and respect for unique ways of being in the world.” It’s about creating an understanding of the ways we act, think, decide, experience life from moment to moment. It is a process of modeling the conscious and unconscious patterns unique to each of us in a way that we move towards a desired, clear outcome. NLP is the study of behavioural strategies, especially those which work really well. It’s about learning how we do what we do which provides the opportunity to model ways to achieve what we really want.

About Sue Knight

Sue specialises in offering programmes in the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), especially in the workplace. However, change starts with you and how you are managing yourself. So in attending one of Sue’s programmes, you can expect to receive both personal and business development simultaneously.

These programmes lead to certification either as an NLP Business Practitioner, a Master Practitioner or as an NLP Trainer who can certify others in NLP. Sue’s commitment to delegates goes well beyond the last day of the programme. She believes that this learning is for life and certainly for as long as you would like it.

Sue’s trainings are backed by ANLP (the Association of NLP), although she started NLP training before this certifying body ever existed.

Sue’s style of training

Sue says her style is often described as emergent in the sense that she works with what is happening in the moment in the context of the outcomes for the programme and the current frame she is working in. This is because NLP is all about – being flexible in the moment, real time, sensitive to what is happening within self and others, open to feedback and steering a path towards the outcomes.

About Sue’s book: NLP at Work

NLP at Work is frequently described as one of the classics in NLP. It was the book that pioneered the application of NLP into business and made what had been previously a ‘dark art’ into an accessible practical concept that translated totally into the everyday world of influence, communication, negotiation, team work, coaching… the list is infinite. And at its heart it is about us as mortal human beings our aspirations, our challenges in relationships and our dreams.


Training dates: October 23 to 29, 2015
Timing: 9.30am to 5pm with the exception of a 10am start on day one and 3pm finish on the last day
Place: Hilton Hotel West Bay
To find out more about this course, email