Praisefor1KristinaKristina Jul – Graphic Designer/photographer
After only few months of working with Marie, I was so proud of myself and impressed to see the progress I had made, progress that for years before I was unable to achieve. No matter what challenges I had to face and how complicated some issues were (we all go through some severe crisis in our lives and I faced my hardest so far), Marie’s sensitivity and skills allowed me to uncover my own path. I learned techniques which helped me overcome many difficulties. I discovered how to make choices that were right for me in uncertain times and I knew this new found strength was life changing. Most of all, looking back since the time we started our partnership I have learned to acknowledge my past, learn from it and hold no regrets.
I believe Marie’s head and heart are very much aligned and she puts her whole being into what she does when she does it. She is an especially gifted coach and thanks to her I know how to find true happiness every day. I went through a huge transformation. There may still be a long road ahead of me but also thanks to Marie, I am so much more the person I always wanted to be. I know what I want and how to achieve it. Marie made a huge impact on me and I consider meeting her to be a gift in my life.
1BrendaBrenda Tillman – Winning Corporate Clients
Marie, You are fantastic! I just wanted to take to say thank you! You’re brilliant at drilling down and getting to the core of wants, vision, and the tactical steps to make it happen! Thanks again for sharing your brilliance with me!
Pia Ault Equine- Assisted facilitator and Co-Active coach
Marie has been my mentor coach for the past six months and she has taken me from a stage of ‘just feeling my way’ as a new insecure coach to a place where I am a confident, effective and strong in my coaching skills and abilities! Without Marie’s support and kind guidance, nudging me to explore my capabilities, I would not have been able to progress on this journey to certification. With her intuition and championing I am now on an even clearer path toward my passion and fulfillment as an Equine Assisted Facilitator & Coach, a role I only dreamt of 2 years ago, but which is now becoming reality. Marie is insightful, courageous and truly connects with and cares about me as a client. She will be with me on my next journey too!
1SamerSamer Samour – Regional Sales Manager/Life coach
Marie YOU ARE WONDERFUL! I never thought coaching would take me to these new limits. I am so lucky you are my coach! You helped me realize what was important and helped me connect with my deep feelings. Your coaching style triggered new perspectives and a whole new level of confidence. I’m finally taking the steps to living my dream and my life purpose.
1KevinKevin Lamb – Sr. Advisor for Organizational Effectiveness.
Marie you are professional, compassionate, smart and a very gifted coach. With your help, I’ve come to respect my potential more and more, imagine possibilities I had not considered before, and focus, focus, focus on taking action and making good things happen in my life. You challenge me to stretch and support me when I’m working to sort things out. I’m so fortunate to be working with you.”
1BelindaBelinda Freeman – Queen B, Artist, Design & Founder
On meeting Marie for the first time I knew instantly she would be an amazing Coach, when I met her for a second time I grabbed the opportunity to ask her to work with me for Business Coaching.
If you are fortunate enough to work with Marie you will experience a true professional who is not only incredibly skilled, she also possesses a trustworthy confidence and really knows how to help you eliminate your difficulties and achieve your goals through her guidance and a dedicated ability to listen.
1LawsonDr Sarah Lawson – Coaching Psychologist, Long Story Short Coaching
Marie, Making the decision to hire you as my coach was one of the best decisions I have made. In our sessions, you intuitively knew when I needed to be pushed that little bit further or when I just needed a space for you to listen.
With your support, encouragement and inspiration I have taken so many ‘golden leaps.’ When I think back to how I was at the start of this journey with you, I realise how far I have come. You were able to help me realise what not being true to myself was costing me and those around me. You allowed me to recognise my fears and to challenge them. You provided a place where I could talk about anything and not feel stupid or judged. You also believed in me, and could see something that I had lost sight of. You knew I had so much potential and made it your purpose to help me find this.

You have brought back excitement, light and laughter into my life, and that spark inside me is now shining brightly. I now run my own coaching psychology business, supporting and inspiring others to reach their potential. I feel confident in my own unique gifts and for the first time in years I feel excited talking to people about what I do. I feel so grateful and honoured to have you walk alongside my journey with me.
Thank you.
Debra (2) Debra Lech – Head of Enrollment, HEC Paris
I first met Marie when I was about to re-enter the ‘corporate’ world on a different continent, in a different culture and after many years of running my own business. Frankly, even though I had wanted this new job for months, the next step was daunting.

Marie gave me space to just ‘be’, the freedom to express my inner most thoughts, my emotions. She listened and helped me bring clarity to work situations I was facing that were well beyond my control. She empowered me to face new challenges, have the confidence to let go of previous held ideologies, to be brave. Our meetings were a meeting of minds, fast moving conversations, a shared passion for change, development and growth, often culminating in laughter when I had a breakthrough. She made me feel optimistic and helped me find that confident person again, who could stay true to myself around others; someone that could make a difference. And all along she made me feel safe, cared for and supported.

Now I know who I am, where I am heading and who I can be and that feels just great.
Youssef Youssef Merjaneh – Senior Executive Vice President, Siemens Qatar
Marie you transformed my life! The coaching you provided me with is and will remain one of my major life highlights. My colleagues, customers, friends, family and I can easily differentiate who Youssef was before the coaching compared to who Youssef is now after the coaching. Even in the sporting field, during the process of our coaching relationship, I was twice awarded the sportsmanship award for basketball…which many would say before coaching, I was very far being this role model.
You helped me to take a 360 degree view of my life and see myself from several perspectives. With your support I chose to release myself from my fears, concerns and self-created limitations which not only affected me but affected my environment and my beloved people.

You helped me to recognize and celebrate my achievements. To pause, reflect and breath and then go for the next successes with a stronger belief and a clearer vision of myself and my goals. Through our partnership I recognize how lucky and blessed I am in my life. I am now able to practice gratitude and live in the moment, really live and enjoy the moment, with a clear mind.

You empowered me to increase my awareness and pay attention to what is going on inside and taught me how to take control of my emotions and use them to move me forward. You helped me realize that I could contain my challenges rather than allowing them to contain me. You helped me to take full responsibility of my life. This makes me so excited about my future.
The common feedback I received from many people in my environment during and after the coaching programme is that people see me as being happier, calmer and more passionate. I am enjoying my professional and personal successes more and more, because I see the bigger opportunities for me now and also my awareness of my possibilities has increased after the coaching.
Sandy (2) Sandy Kim – Student Affairs Professional and Coach
Marie, you were absolutely the right coach for me and I feel so grateful that we took this journey together. I felt deeply heard and your wonderful energy and wealth of knowledge in coaching allowed me to learn and grow in such meaningful ways. I take away fresh perspectives, a sense of empowerment and various tools to get closer to my life goals. I am a big fan of your direct and warm style of coaching and feel lucky to have worked with you.